Bass Fishing Tournament

18th Annunal Siltcoos Lake Stringer Tournament

Saturday & Sunday,  Memorial Day Weekend
Saturday: 6am to 5pm weigh-in
Sunday: 6am to noon weigh-in and prize distribution

Siltcoos lake, approximately 6 miles south of Florence, Oregon. Take the Westlake exit from Hwy 101 (2nd Siltcoos Lake exit) onto Pacific Avenue. We will meet each morning at 6am and weigh-in each day at the Lake’s Edge Marina, 4776 Laurel Avenue in Westlake.

Entry Fee:
$25 per angler must be paid by Saturday, 6:00am. Fred Hilden will have the sign-up sheet & collect entry fees. Prizes will be distributed at the end of the tournament.

All prizes will be awarded based on the accumulated weight of fish caught on both Saturday & Sunday as well as the prize for the largest fish caught for the two days. All ODF&W fishing regulations will apply to fish caught. Ocean going fish that come into the lake from the ocean will not be counted. There are several varieties of salmon and steelhead that come into the lake. Again this year, Siltcoos Lake and River are CLOSED for the retention of salmon and steelhead during the time of the tournament. The fish that will be counted are legal limits of largemouth bass, rainbow and cutthroat trout, crappie, bluegill, yellow perch, and catfish. Any of these fish species you have on your stringer will be weighed for your stringer weight of the day. The weight of your stringer on Saturday will be added to the weight of your stringer on Sunday to determine your total tournament weight. You must be at the weigh-in location by 5pm on Saturday, and noon on Sunday for your stringer to count in the tournament, NO EXCEPTIONS. There are no rules regarding where you catch the fish except that they must be caught on Siltcoos Lake or on the rivers coming into or exiting the lake. You can fish from a boat, off the docks, or from the shore. Bait and fishing methods must be legal based on ODF&W regulations. Each angler must only weigh fish that they alone caught.

100% of Entry Fees will be distributed in cash based on the following percentages: 1st place will receive 50% of total entry fees, 2nd place will receive 20% of total entry fees, 3rd place will receive 10% of total entry fees. Largest fish will receive 20% of total entry fees. All money collected in entry fees will be awarded.

Anyone needing info on lodging, camping facilities, boat rentals, etc. can visit for links to maps, fun things to do, places to eat and places to stay.

We recommend;
Westlake Resort (Vince & Anna), 541-997-3722,

Captain’s Cottages (Sue & Dick), 541-997-8633,

Darling’s Marina & RV Resort (Sue), 541-997-2841,

Fish Mill Lodges & RV Park (Judy, Cris or Shawn), 541-997-2511,

Siltcoos Lake Resort (Gary), 541-997-3741,


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