Siuslaw Elementary School

2221 Oak Street, Florence, OR 97439
Phone 541-997-2514 Fax 541-997-4163

Elementary Mission Statement:
To offer a secure place where students;
• Gain knowledge
• Grow in wisdom
• Develop confidence and value learning for life!

About Our School:
We like students and parents to feel welcome at our school. We strive toward a friendly campus that offers children the opportunity to grow academically, emotionally and socially. Please feel free to come in and visit anytime.


Siuslaw Middle School

2525 Oak Street, Florence, OR 97439
Phone 541-997-8241 Fax 541-902-7478

Mission Statement:
Siuslaw Middle School is dedicated to promoting SUCCESS for ALL students.

Siuslaw Middle School offers challenging academic courses, interesting electives,support programs for students and volunteer athletics.
Some of the programs include:
• Full music program
• Full PE program
• Enrichment classes, aimed at academic support for struggling students
• PBIS – Positive Behavior and Instructional Support
• VIKS Team – Advisory Groups.
• Two full computer labs
• Library for students to learn new reading and technology skills
• Athletics – staffed fully by volunteers


Siuslaw High School

2975 Oak Street, Florence, OR 97439
Phone 541-997-3448 • Fax 541-997-4160

Mission Statement:
“Motivating and preparing all students to reach their greatest potential”.

 About Our School:
Siuslaw High School is a unique educational environment with exceptional staff, students, and challenging curriculum!

Siuslaw High School provides a comprehensive high school education, offering exceptional core academics as well as excellent elective courses and programs that are offered throughout the school, and connected to our surrounding community.

Siuslaw High School offers many excellent athletic teams, student activities and clubs for each and every unique student to join and participate in. At SHS, learning for life is a positive opportunity on a daily basis, for every student who desires to grow and fulfill their goals and dreams. Academic Eligibility

Extended semester will be offered to students with a semester % between 50 and 59. Teachers will recommend students and will be made available the last two weeks in February. Letters will be sent home for parent permission and notification of days, times and expectations for completion. The school will be customizing the E2020 curriculum for students to complete and earn credit.


Lane Community College at Florence

3149 Oak Street, Florence, OR 97439
Phone 541-997-8444 or 541-463-4800
Fax 541-997-8448

Enrolling at LCC at Florence, you will realize that students attending our center can meet all their academic requirements needed to achieve their Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) degree by taking both lecture and distance learning courses. Additionally, you can obtain your Associate of General Studies as well as your Associate of Science degree. Nearly 80% of courses are offered in a lecture format.

For years we have offered distance-learning courses using the traditional videotape lecture format. Now the Center offers live interactive instruction from main campus to our classroom in Florence, saving you a trip to Eugene. Please contact our office for more information. Students wishing to enter the nursing program can obtain all their necessary prerequisite courses at our center. If you’re interested in meeting with a counselor or academic advisor to plan your classes please contact our office to make an appointment.

A wide assortment of community education classes are also offered at the Florence center such as Clayworks, Water Coloring, ballet, computer, fitness, and senior activities. Outward Ventures, a program targeting seniors, is one of our most popular activities under the supervision of Carol Unser.



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