The Siltcoos Canoe/Kayak Trail


For thousands of years people have used and enjoyed the waterways of Siltcoos Lake and River. With 30 miles of shoreline, this is the largest lake on the Oregon Coast, and is thought to be named for Siuslaw Indian headman Tsiltcoos. In these shimmering waters live 23 species of fish. The shallow marshes and shoreline thickets teem with waterfowl and birds. Salmon, steelhead and sea-run trout spawn in streams that feed the lake, and make their way to the sea down Siltcoos River. Today you cab follow this “Salmon Highway” from fresh water to the ocean, on the Siltcoos Trail.


What you’ll see
A paddle trip on the lake and river will give you a chance to encounter a wide verity of birds and mammals. Migratory and resident waterfowl range from wood ducks and American coots, to American bitterns, marsh wrens, common yellowthroats and belted kingfishers. Double crested cormorants and great blur herons are often spotted, while bald eagle and osprey may be seen overhead. The western snowy plover, a threatened shorebird, nest in open sand in the estuary. Mink, river otters, beavers and even harbor seals find their way into the Siltcoos River. Watch for them swimming or for their tracks along the river’s edge.

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