Lane County Sheriff

125 E. 8th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97401

Non Emergency

Mission: To conserve the peace.

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office provides correctional services including a 507-bed jail, 33-bed Community Corrections Center (work-release), and out-of-custody programs such as Community Service and Sheriff’s Work Crew. The Adult Correction’s Parole & Probation section manages over 3,500 offenders in the community. We provide patrols of urban, suburban and rural areas, including timberlands, waterways, and coastal dune areas. The Sheriff’s Office conducts criminal investigations, maintains evidence and property storage, has an extensive criminal justice Records section, and operates a 24/7 Dispatch Center. Court security, offender transport, process service (criminal and civil), emergency management, and search and rescue functions round out the service the office delivers.

Lane County covers over 4,600 square miles, and is nearly the size of the state of Connecticut. Over 300 staff, with nearly that many volunteers, support these services and utilize land, marine, air and other assets to maximize our response capability.

The Sheriff’s Office, committed to justice and integrity, is sworn to protect and honored to serve the citizens of Lane County.


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