Meeting Agendas

All files are downloadable as PDF format. Click on any link to view the agenda.

Public Notice:


CAC Committee Members Needed




City Council Regular Session Agenda – October 11, 2017

        Electronic Agenda Packet –  September 13, 2017

 City Council Work Session Agenda –October 18, 2017

City Council Special Session Agenda –August 24, 2017

         Electronic Agenda Packet –  August 24, 2017

Planning Commission Regular Session Agenda –August 31, 2017

Planning Commission Special Session Agenda – September 21, 2017

Citizen Advisory Committee Agenda – September 21, 2017

Budget Committee Supplemental Hearing Agenda –August 10, 2017

Budget Committee Agenda –October 18, 2017

         Electronic Agenda Packet –August 11, 2016

Water Quality Committee Agenda – October 12, 2016

As of April 14, 2016 some committees have been abandon as the City Council felt there was no need of these committees at this time. These committees were: Conservation, Parks, Ordinance Reveiw, Roads.



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