Places To Shop

Cleawox Market

85150 Highway 101, Florence OR, 97439
Phone: 541-997-6435

One Stop Market/Texaco

Highway 101, Florence OR, 97439
Phone: 541-997-3243

Darlings Marina & RV Resort/Mini Market

5479 Darlings loop, Florence OR 97439
Phone: 541-997-2841

Lakeshore Myrtlewood

83530 Highway 101, Florence OR, 97439
Phone: 541-997-8563

Lakeshore Myrtlewood is located just 5 miles south of the city of Florence on the beautiful Oregon Coast. Here at Lakeshore Myrtlewood we manufacture many of the items featured on our website and in our gift shop. One of our specialty products is our lighted myrtlewood lighthouses which was developed in 1995, with over 2500 sold to date. We also have over 30 cottage industry craftsmen providing us with well over 200 products. From utilitarian items to simply beautiful pieces showing off the unique grains and colors of Oregon myrtle, you’ll see it in our gift shop.

Siuslaw Towing & Automotive Service

84829 Highway 101, Florence OR, 97439
Phone: 541-997-6669


Country Roads Recreation RV Sales

5120 South Jetty Road, Florence OR, 97439
Phone: 541-997-9564


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