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Dunes City is looking for a Representative for Lane Act Meeting in Eugene.  – April 2, 2018

Planning Commission Vacancy-Volunteer Needed.  – March 14, 2018

Planning Commission has a vacancy – volunteer is needed – February 28, 2018

A Conversation with Tsunami Experts March 20th at 5pm.

Volunteers Needed for Oregon Dunes Triathlon on May 12, 2018-Call City Hall

Proclamation: Dunes City School Choice Week -January 21-27, 2018



Volunteer of the Year Ken & Wan Platt-January 2, 2018

Proclamation: Red Ribbon Week- No to Drugs-October 23-31, 2017

CAC Committee Members Needed-October 5, 2017

Notice of Receipt of Ballot Title – September 14, 2017

City is Accepting Citizen Input for Public Hearing October 5, 2017

City is Accepting Citizen Input for Public Hearing September 5, 2017

Dunes City is Seeking a new City Councilor September 5, 2017

New Mayor Elected  on August 24, 2017

Press Release Meeting Date Changes July 31, 2017

ODOT Eclipse Update on Traffic and Visitor August 21, 2017

May 22, 2017 – Budget Hearing LB-1 2017-2018 Final at City Council Meeting 

April 20, 2017 – Public Notice for 2017-2018 Budget Meetings

April 27, 2017 – Public Hearing for a Conditional Use for Dunes City

March 22, 2017 – Tri-Du Volunteers Needed

January 23, 2017 – City Council Opening



December 14, 2016Planning Commission Opening

September 26, 2016Planning Commission is accepting applications for a Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) for Dunes City’s Zoning and Development Code (Chapter 155).

August 15, 2016Dunes City Expo- 10am to 3pm on August 20th.

August 15, 2016Planning Commission Openings

May 18, 2016-Ord. #228 Septic was passed –  DLCD Notice of Adopted Change to a Comprehensive Plan or Land Use Regulation

April 14, 2016-Budget Committee Meetings

April 13, 2016-Oregon Dunes Triathlon Volunteers Needed for May 7, 2016

March 21, 2016-Public Notice: Public Hearing-Septic Ord. #228

February 22, 2016-Oregon Dunes Triathlon Volunteers Needed for May 7, 2016

February 18, 2016-City Council Goal Setting

Burning Permits are available at Dunes City Hall or Siuslaw Valley Fire Department in Florence. The Burning permits are free.

Volunteers for Siuslaw Valley Fire District Needed-

Press Release for Oregon Dunes Triathlon-Volunteers needed-February 16, 2016



November 19, 2015-Public Notice Planning Commission Public Hearing-Septic Amnd. Ord. #228

October 29, 2015-Public Notice Planning Commission Public Hearing-Septic Amnd. Ord. #228

 Septic Proposed Ordinance #228 2015

October 22, 2015-Public Notice Planning Commission Public Hearing-Septic Amnd. Ord. #228

September 10, 2015-City Council Public Hearing for Conditional Use Permit on Lake Blvd.

August 6, 2015-Public Notice Looking for Quotes for Siding Repair 

August 5, 2015-Russell Drive Road Closure for Maintenance

August 5, 2015-Public Notice Planning Commission Public Hearing

June 3, 2015-Public Notice Dunes City Budget 2015-2016

April 2, 2015-Oregon Dunes Triathlon Volunteer Contest

March 5, 2015-City Council Goal Setting

February 10, 2015-City Council Goal Setting

January 14, 2015-Dunes City Seeks to Fill Committee Vacancies



December 12, 2014-You are invited to the Mayor’s Banquet and Potluck

November 5, 2014Cougar Sightings

October 1, 2014Planning Commission Continues Asking for Input on Septic Maintenance Ordinance No. 203

September 25, 2014Planning Commission Asking for Input on Septic Maintenance Ordinance No. 203

July 16, 2014Planning Commission Vacancy

July 7, 20142014 Street Maintenance Projects

May 7, 2014Call for Art Exhibition

April 8, 2014Bicycle and Pedestrian Needs Assessment at Dunes City thru Surveys and Meetings from April thru June

March 13, 2014Dunes City Council 2014 Goals

March 12, 2014Dunes City Master Road Plan Amendment

March 3, 2014 – Dunes City Resident Receives Lane Council of Governments’ “Outstanding Citizen of the Year” Award for 2013

January 6, 2014 – Citizen Advisory Committee Appointments


August 28, 2012

Dunes City, Oregon
Contact: Jamie Mills, President, Dunes City Council, c/o

For Immediate Release

Dunes City, Oregon – Signs will be popping up all over in Dunes City, especially around Woahink and Siltcoos Lakes. The Dunes City Water Quality Committee, with the full support of the Dunes City Council, has acquired signs reminding water sports enthusiasts that the waters of Woahink and Siltcoos Lakes are a drinking water source and to please help keep them clean and safe.

“Many visitors to this area don’t realize that when they are boating or fishing in Woahink and Siltcoos, they are using the drinking water source of the people who live around the lakes,” said Water Quality Committee Chairman and Dunes City Council President Jamie Mills, “and if they are staying in a campground or a vacation home in the area – they are likely drinking the water, too. Our hope is to just give a gentle reminder to the folks who live and play here that this water is important to us.”

Dunes City presented three signs to Honeyman State Park for posting at various locations where there is significant human activity in or near the water. Lane County has already posted the signs on the bridges that cross Woahink on Canary Road. Mills said many private business owners have agreed to post the signs at their resorts and boat ramps. She hopes the State will allow the signs to be posted on Highway 101 as well.

Said Mills, “Special thanks go to the members of the Water Quality Committee who helped design the signs and make arrangements for their posting on private property. We have a great group of hard-working people at Dunes City.” For more information, contact Jamie Mills at Dunes City Hall.

Pictured with new Drinking Water Source signs, left to right, Mike Rivers – Honeyman State Park, Jamie Mills – Dunes City Council President, and David Gosselin – Dunes City Water Quality Committee.



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